Royston – Day Surgery Unit

Scope of work

The client, based in Australia appointed a local Project Manager (Bryan Matthews). The PM would provide some Rough Order of Costs numbers and run it past us for confirmation, these would then become the budget. Timeframes were also considered/reviewed, and these were loaded into the client’s business case for the necessary approvals within their organisation. Once approved, the consulting team would be engaged and we would attend the design meetings; offer advice where appropriate, usually around structural design (to defend the budget, construction speed and availability), material choice (based on known availability and budget) and detail design (to simplify construction). At various stages we would undertake elemental estimates to check the design against budget and bring in the subtrades to add advice and provide further budget reviews. Once we got to a point where we had an agreed design, the drawings would be completed for Building Consent and while that was being processed, we would enter into a fixed price contract for each stage.

Client Acurity Health Group
Client Project Manager
Bryan Matthews
MHL Project Managers
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