About Us

Founded in 1947 by Hawke’s Bay brothers Ralph and Cedric, Alexander has been pivotal in the construction industry for over seven decades. Its legacy is rooted in having shaped significant projects across the spectrum—from public amenities and industrial buildings to architecturally designed homes. The company stands firm on quality, honesty, fairness, and loyalty. These core values, laid down by its founders, continue to drive Alexander today. They foster a robust team culture that extends to subcontractors, consultants, and clients alike.

Alexander is deeply committed to our core values of pride, integrity, and unity. These principles guide every project we undertake. They reflect our dedication to not only meet, but exceed expectations with excellence and ethical practices. By championing collaboration and fostering a culture of respect, we are committed to achieving shared success. Our strong team culture and the lasting relationships we build are among our most valued assets. We take immense pride in this legacy of trust and excellence.

Discover our proud heritage and the core values that define us at Alexander.

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