Napier Port Central Building

Scope of work

A design build tender for the Port of Napier, the design reflects a lighthouse, shipping containers and the concrete block retaining walls that support the reclaimed land the Port sits on.

Built on reclaimed land to an importance level 4 design, this office building utilised screw piles and a grid foundation system. The building sits on a blockwork plinth designed as a crumple zone in the event of a Tsunami and hidden behind intricately designed precast panels. The building is clad in Fundermax and glass with the window mullions and overlaid louvres angled to reflect the criss cross design of a lighthouse. The window design became the most challenging aspect of the project, but certainly does give the building it’s wow factor that we are very proud of. With highly specified finishes, this was a flagship project for us and makes a statement about the progression and growth of the Port itself.

Client Port of Napier
Project Value
$3.9 million
Structural Concepts
Paris Magdalinos Architects
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